Q2 rear-vision camera systems, in various versions, support your driving with superior safety. They transmit high-quality audio and video signals of any activity located behind your vehicle. Certain models support up to 4 camera inputs as well as additional AV input with various split screen viewing options.

A camera-monitor-system covers blind angles and gives you indispensable assistance in typical situations. Some models feature an additional infra-red light to increase the image quality by night, or even built-in heating for perfect visibility in low temperature situations. For your complete safety, we also offer cameras with integrated microphone.

A weather-proof body (IP-6 standard) and a sun visor protects all the cameras from direct rain and sun when installed outside.

The handling is positively simple: The special stand-by mode, automatically activates the system when you shift into reverse.

A rear-vision system is not just a nice-to-have feature, but is part of a collective responsibility to increase road safety


The Market Sectors We Serve

Q2 rear-vision camera systems assist owners and operators of heavy-duty vehicles and other mobile equipment to increase safety by improving driver visibility. This in turn ups productivity, reduces risk and protects profit.

• Public Transport
• Fleet operators
• Construction
• Agriculture
• Mining
• Municipal Services


LCD Monitors/TV

All Q2 monitors are equipped with components of the highest quality, guaranteeing exceptional properties for mobile applications.

Brilliant colours and crystal-clear sound are some characteristic attributes of our Audio/Video devices. They feature robustness, thermal resistance and easy handling.

The larger displays supply a VGA and/or a DVI port to connect a PC or games console. The combination of PC and TV has never been easier.

We provide all monitors with our "All-in-one" multi-connector cable; All lines leave the monitor in one cable, and then at the end split to each connector. This enables you to maintain a neat appearance in your vehicle by eliminating unsightly cables.

All monitors are compatible to PAL/NTSC and are managed by a Comfortable multilingual on-screen menu.


Collision Avoidance - A Holistic Approach

Rearview cameras are only one of the neccessary products that contribute to holistic collision avoidance solutions. Trysome, through the  development of its "All-in-One" CAS, is able to customise holistic collision avoidance solutions that make use of a variety of technologies.



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