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Trysome Auto Electrical is the largest, single-source supplier of heavy-duty, auto-electrical components and collision avoidance systems in South Africa.

Established in 1991 by Edwin William Smith, Trysome is well represented country-wide with its head office in Jet Park, Boksburg and branches Cape Town, Durban, Kathu, Rustenburg and Witbank. Across border, Trysome operates branches in Mozambique and Zambia and has recently appointed an Authorised Distributor in Namibia.

Trysome is focused on sourcing OEM and specialised auto-electrical, replacements components, associated technical services and collision avoidance systems for operators of heavy-duty automotive, earth-moving, construction, agricultural, transport and mining machinery.

In addition to sourcing, Trysome is committed to the development and innovation of auto-electrical and safety products.  The Company’s state-of-the-art technology, in collision avoidance and safety systems, has already been adopted by, and is operational in, many of Southern Africa’s mines.

As a key supplier to major heavy-duty, original manufacturers, Trysome is backed by technical support system with experienced personnel on hand to assist with the correct and appropriate selection of auto-electrical components.At Trysome, our products are often the solution for the industry segments that we serve.


 Product Range

Trysome boasts a broad and deep auto-electrical and collision avoidance product range.

Heavy-Duty Auto-Electrical Service and Installation Underground Auto Electrical

• Alternators & Components
• Starters & Components
• Work Lights
• Engine Protection
• Safety Light

• Forward Lighting
• Air-Conditioner Parts
• Fire Suppression Systems
• Cab Filtration
• DPCu (Digital Power
Control Units)

• Re-manufactured Starters
& Alternators
• Servicing & Maintenance
• Man-on-site
• Product Fitments &
• Breakdowns
• Field Service for
Auto-Electrical, Aircon, Fire
Suppression & Cab

• Battery Power Packs 
• Machine Maintenance 
• Collision Avoidance 
• Communication Systems 
• Instrument Panels
• Battery Charge Bays
• Isolation Units
• Manufacturing, Refurbishing &
Repairs of Remote Controls,
Instrument Panels & Harnesses
Batteries & Accessories Collision Avoidance Systems Light-Duty Auto Electrical

• Light & Heavy-Duty
• Conventional Batteries
• Sealed Maintenance-Free
• Batteries
• Battery Chargers
• Accessories
• Battery Testing & Fitment
at The ConneXion

• Radar Systems
• GPS Traffic Alert Systems
• Rear Vision Cameras
• Wheel Chocks
• Fatigue Monitoring

• Personnel & Asset
• Management
• Tyre Pressure Monitoring

• Starters & Components 
• Alternators & Components
• Drives
• Pulleys
• Globes
• Regulators        
• Diodes
• Product Installation, Service &
Repair now available at The

Trysome has a global reach, importing quality products from:  Australia, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, India, Italy, Korea, Slovenia, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and USA.



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